Brick Display

Our in-branch brick display allows our customers to match any existing brickwork they have to any new bricks you purchase from us. Our knowledgeable and dedicated sales team is always on hand to help you make the right choice for your project.

DBM has a variety of bricks available in-branch including:

Class B Engineering Bricks (Available in various sizes and colours)

These bricks have a high compressive strength and low rate of water absorption. Class B Engineering bricks are smooth perforated and wire cut. These bricks are ideal to use in foundations or for manholes. They can also be used around windows and doors and are suitable for both above and below ground projects.

Stock Bricks (Available in various sizes and colours)

Our stock bricks come in a variety of textures, sizes and colours. These bricks can be formed of different material including, Mud, Clay and Limestone. The versatility and variety of stock bricks allows them to be used in any project in every location and conditions.

Traditional London Bricks (Available in various sizes and colours)

Traditional London Bricks are usually handmade using traditional techniques and come a variety of colours and sizes. These bricks are ideal for period matching brickwork for older houses and buildings and heritage projects. They can also be used in new developments adding to their versatility.

Competitive Pricing

Our competitive prices, range of products and efficient service has given us an excellent reputation with both our customers and suppliers and we are now able to supply other merchants in the local area.

DBM is able to offer our customer Double Discounts (DD) on a wide selection of products. All of our branches run monthly promotions in-branch on selected products. You can view our Double Discounts by visiting our branches, website or by signing up for our newsletter.