1000s of specialist building products

We can offer a vast range of specialist products because of our large network of suppliers. DBM specialises in everything from loose and bagged aggregates, bricks, timber, cement, block paving, landscaping and more.

We meticulously select each of our products in our range to ensure they are suitable for the job. Our aggregates are sourced in house allowing us to offer our customers better value and quality.

We offer a wide selection of bricks in our branches. We also stock class B engineering Bricks, Traditional London Bricks and Stock Bricks.

DBM stocks treated and untreated timber in various sizes. We’re able to offer a wide selection of timber for various projects at an affordable price.

Our extensive plasterboard range includes standard plasterboards, fineline plasterboards, moisture boards, foil back plasterboards, soundblock plasterboards and thermal/insulated plasterboards. We also stock Angle, Drywall, Stop, Drip and Mini Mesh beads and Bonding Coat, Hardwall, Multi Finish, Artex, Boding Compound, Hydrated Lime, Easi-fill and Cover Adhesive plaster.

Our block paving and landscaping collection includes Standard York Riven, Rutland and Textured Paving Slabs. These come in a variety of colours and textures including Grey, Red, Buff, Yellow and Charcoal.

Our extensive list of products is available on our website and in-branch at any of our branches.